Sunday, August 7, 2011

Squat Birth Journal and ACNM Quickening Reviews

The Summer 2011 issues of both Squat Birth Journal and ACNM's newsletter, Quickening, both published positive reviews of Professional Ethics in Midwifery Practice. The Squat reviewer wrote, "I admit that Professional Ethics in Midwifery Practice is one of only a couple of books on the NARM reading list I had not read as of a month ago. I did not purchase it originally because of it's textbook price tag, however after reading it I believe it to be worth every penny."

Fortunately, the book price is now lower on , so it's still worth every penny, but now not so many pennies.


  1. How about an even less expensive e-book version next? (Not exclusively Kindle, of course!)

  2. Great idea. As authors, we have no control over the price (the publisher sets the price). However, we will contact Jones & Bartlett to let them know that there's a demand for a less expensive e-book version (and not just for Kindle users). Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Now available here: